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Interesting Partnerships That Could Move IOTA (MIOTA) to the Next Level

Interesting Partnerships That Could Move IOTA (MIOTA) to the Next Level

IOTA (MIOTA), even as one of the leading cryptocurrencies both in the market today has suffered a lot of lapses of lately, losing 11.5% in the last day. IOTA; the stealth cryptocurrency has been involved in some interesting news of recent that could mean not just a possible comeback for the digital asset but growth as well.

Updates on IOTA (MIOTA)

The partnership and involvement of IOTA with futuristic projects is probably one of the reasons the digital asset has gained recognition. In January, a partnership between IOTA foundation and the International Transport Innovation Center (ITIC) was announced. The partnership was aimed at integrating blockchain into everyday life and Smart cities of the future.

Wei-bin Lee commissioner of the Department of Information Technology, Taipei confirmed that the City of Taipei would be partnering with IOTA Foundation to bring Tangle (IOTA’s answer to blockchain) to its citizen identification plans.

February has seen IOTA get into more interesting partnerships. Bosch (a German multinational engineering and electronics company) announced a rather interesting investment in IOTA, Bosch is also listed as one MIOTA’s network board advisers.


There are also indications that South Korea is set to use Tangle for its Smart City projects.

Status of IOTA (MIOTA)

MIOTA as a coin has done fairly well in the past, reaching the $5 mark back in December. MIOTA would be looking to get back to the heights it reached last year.

The last few weeks have been sour for MIOTA losing more than 60% of its January trading value. As at the time of this writing, here’s the performance of MIOTA in the cryptocurrency;

IOTA CHARTS for the Last One Month: Data from Coinmarketcap.

  • Trading Value: $85 (USD)
  • Market Capitalization: $ 5,153,193,554 (USD)
  • 24 Hours Trading Value: $36,131,400 USD

Future of IOTA (MIOTA)

IOTA maybe underperforming at the moment, but the future that lies ahead of IOTA is bright. IOTA’s tangle technology is being applied to two fast-growing industries; IoTs and Smart Cities. Boston Consulting Group predicts that the IoT industry will be worth $267 billion by the year 2020.

The growth of this industry means growth of IOTA  (MIOTA). Early in January, MIOTA was predicted to hit the $10 mark, it does not look feasible based on the current standing of the coin, but MIOTA will definitely surpass that mark in time to come.


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