AltcoinTech Stories (POE): Reclaiming the Value of content publishers, creators, and consumers

With over 40,000 creators and developers on its social media platform, (POE) is without a doubt one of the leading non-financial Blockchain startups with a focus on the creative industry. In fact, the company has just recently announced a new veteran CEO, Jarrod Dicker, with experience from the Washington post; Huffington Post and Time Inc. Dicker will now be able to deploy his expertise in advancing creation and development of tools for content creators on the platform.

For a startup that is eager to change global management of creative content, the addition of Dicker to the team is a plus since he is known for ushering into the digital age, a variety of traditional publishing companies. He has also enabled traditional publications to thrive in a digital age without solely depending on subscriptions and advertising. In a post by the company announcing the move, Dicker was quoted saying that (POE) is “constructing what this industry needs — a new environment where creators are paid for what they can do instead of what is required of them by an old and broken paradigm”

What is (POE)?

Well, to put it simply, is a Blockchain based startup that seeks to give creators a secure decentralized and immutable network for registering and managing their creative digital content. On the platform; creators, publishers, and curators can create time-stamped titles for their audio, visual and written work and create a verifiable record of digital creative assets. Poet is able to do this by acting as an open ubiquitous ledger system that records ownership of digital creative assets.

Fundamentally, is an extension of the Bitcoin Blockchain and improves upon the Proof of Existence protocol to create an open-source platform that easily verifies pieces of content. The relevance of POE (an Ethereum token) is revealed through its use as an accurate certification tool for the existence of content.

How does guarantee the credibility of content ownership?


First of all, to determine the usefulness, accuracy, and trustworthiness of digital creative assets, envisions the marketplace as a useful determinant of content credibility. By incentivizing users on the platform to create and curate content, publishers, content creators and curators will manage to license the rights to their creative assets without the need of a third party.

New developments in (POE) recently announced a media partnership that will see this budding startup collaborate with Maven Media Network to further develop a platform for the freedom of creators. The partnership will see better access of to its users, industry professionals, and qualified creators. also launched Frost (a media solution for bloggers and content creators with a capacity for automatic content validation based on content format). The Frost Platform is set to give creators working guidelines, enabling task management that will empower creators to scale their designs.  


If the partnerships and new developments on’s platform are anything to go by, this budding social media coin is set to disrupt the content creation and publishing industry. In addition, Jarrod Dicker (the new CEO) is poised to take (POE) to the next level of creating a worldwide decentralized ledger for content creation. For these reasons, creators and publishers can celebrate as they stand to benefit the most with such a platform.



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