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Veritaseum (VERI) Has A Tremendous Amount Of Upside

Created by Reggie Middleton and the Veritaseum (VERI) team, this Blockchain and smart contracts application enable corporations and individuals to perform asset trades without bypassing brokers or going for loans from banks. Basically it’s designed as a software more than a cryptocurrency and boasts of being able to empower every entrepreneur with a chance of taking charge of their own assets, funds and organizational throughput at near zero costs thus enabling investment, speculation, and hedging of various peer to peer transactions without the risk of fraud or credit loss.

Veritaseum (VERI) eliminating middlemen

The fact that Veritaseum is built to be a peer to peer platform for capital markets built with smart contracts means users can have a one on one interaction without the need of a middleman. This serves as a more efficient way of transacting especially for industries that struggle, with higher transactional fees, friction during negotiations and other inefficiencies. By using Blockchain’s decentralization and the reliability of smart contracts, Veritaseum will achieve elimination of middlemen.

Solutions that Veritaseum is offering

Basically, Veritaseum (VERI) is on the path to being the software-driven peer to peer service provider that will give individuals access to capital markets, but how exactly does it work? Well, just like Blumberg’s pre-eminent publishing of legal forms, leasehold and money purchase agreements, Veritaseum presents smart contracts that are Blockchain enabled to facilitate value transfer from one party to another under condition.

For users that want to use Veritaseum’s smart contracts, the process is simple. The first option involves purchasing VERITAS (VERI) tokens that essentially act as a software token designed to represent the fee for using products and services from the Veritaseum platform. In the long run, the VERI token, users on the platform will have access to financial machines that are chain linked with smart contracts so as to deliver the same level of functional efficiency as large industries without exposure to balance sheets or credit risks and with near-zero margins.


Veritaseum Products

The decentralized solutions that Veritaseum coin uses are unique such that they are analysis and research-based. For this reason, the company uses macro analysis, forensics, and consulting to come up with different VERITAS sub-tokens that deliver credible service to a variety of industries. Some of these sub-tokens include;

  • VeADIR: An interactive instrument for digital research that delivers exposure to vetted research subjects. This token is set to be used to pay operating fees and purchase research-based data on the platform
  • VeRent: The VeRent sub-token will be charged with the responsibility of being and economic rent facility. It will be used on Veritaseum’s rental app that allows users to rent and lease our tokens on a peer to peer basis.
  • VeExposure: This sub-token will be used on the Veritaseum Exposure App to offer direct access to VeADIR and allow beginners as well as other users easy and affordable access to Ether and VERI token


All in all, Veritaseum (VERI) has a tremendous amount of upside considering it’s yet to release its beta platform. With a focus on hedge funds and entities in the financial industry, there is simply no reason why this little-known Blockchain and smart contract project will not be a revolutionary disruptive platform of the future.


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