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EOS (EOS) Taking Down Ethereum (ETH)

After its launch just a year ago, EOS (EOS) is having an impressive growth compared to the big digital coins that have a wavy performance. It is continuously showing signs of stunning investors this year with the $20 value expected by the end of this year. It is ranked at position nine by market capitalization if over six billion and its current price is between $9.83 and $10 per EOS token. With the recent dip in the cryptocurrency vessel, EOS exhibited an impressive level of stability putting the fact that most other altcoins dropped in price. The coin is compared to Ethereum (ETH) due to its decentralized smart contract platform. However, speculations indicate that there are some chances of EOS taking down Ethereum.

Bitfinex propelling EOS (EOS) to a higher value

Bitfinex partnered with EOS to launch one of a kind decentralized exchange called EOSfinex. The exchange platform is built on EOS technology and fused together with the digital currency experience of Bitfinex. EOSfinex is set to provide a pathway of getting a quick, trustless, and transparent platform for trading multiple digital assets. The platform will deal with the challenging issues that face centralized exchanges and that is guaranteeing the security of all digital assets.

EOSfinex will enable traders of digital currencies to have an alternative of trading any digital asset through leveraging the current blockchain technology found in all digital coins. It,  therefore means that crypto investors do not have to put their trust on a single entity or person with the trading transaction. Thus, the word ‘trustless’ comes into play. It would lead to a more transparent and stress-free process of the transaction.

Meetup in Korea

The rapid growth of EOS (EOS) is most possibly impacted by the partnership of and EOS.IO platform. Korea is an ideal country since it holds the 5th position in providing the most advanced technologies. The goal of the meetup was to provide an entry to industries and companies to join the network of EOS. The meetup also suggested adding another token to the network. Other implementations base on the flexibility and scalability of the platform as well as the adding of Richard Jung to the team.



Speculations are spreading that EOS would take down Ethereum (ETH). Well, this is most probably to happen. The speculations come from its partnership with Bitfinex and numerous meetups. The alliance between Bitfinex and EOS gave birth to EOSFinex which is getting noticed by every crypto trader. It is because the decentralized platform has the capability of handling all 1,542 coins and tokens in the digital currency market. It would therefore, mean the demand of the coin would sky-rocket and have a possible moon landing. With EOSFinex, the coin will have a chance of showcasing its proof of concept to actual real-life applications.

Another reason for watching out EOS (EOS) is its several meetups that already occurred or underway in different places across the globe. These meetups guarantee the coin’s success in its existing projects as well as the planned projects yet to occur. The recent numbers surely indicate that the coin is on a mission of rising against Ethereum (ETH).



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