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AdEx (ADX) Advertising: Is Google AdSense Under Siege?

With a lot of secrecy around Google AdSense advertising and unwarranted changes in its algorithms, AdEx (ADX) is set to liberate the online advertising if the ecosystems’ whitepaper is anything to go by. However, this should not be seen as a war between a giant and a dwarf; it is an option to explore where you are not happy with AdSense or other advertising platforms.

If you have tried the existing advertising platforms, you must have noticed something they share in common; lack of transparency and the right tools to track your real earnings. AdEx is about to change that through their transparent system based on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is AdEx (ADX) all about?

AdEx is a blockchain powered ad exchange platform that enables content creators and advertisers interact freely. The vision for this new entrant into the cryptocurrency is to complement the existing platform and disrupting the entire ad landscape.

AdEx focused on addressing the existing problems of lack of transparency, monopoly and fraud common on the current advertising arena. The ecosystem takes a different approach in the industry but brining in transparency through the use of smart contracts. This move is seen as bringing sanity back to online advertising.

The AdEx network brings together content developers, advertisers and content consumers together for mutual benefits. This is a secure and transparent platform where stakeholders have their say. Currently, there is a big chasm between the publisher and advertising companies.


AdEx (ADX) Unique Features

Most of AdEx features are focused on filling the gaps that other platforms like Google AdSense, Bing, Yahoo and smaller outfits like Media Net, InfoLinks and Chitika among others have been unable to fill. However, crystal clear and detailed reporting has been missing among the traditional ad networks.

Once the network is launched, it will be compatible with all browsers. You do not have to be restricted to specific browsers any more. You do not have to worry about your user privacy since this is guaranteed by the technology deployed.

The beauty of AdEx is that it is decentralized and is regulated by the end user.  When the advertiser sends a bid to the publisher and accepts; the advertiser fills the impression and once this is delivered to the user, the user confirms the impression ID that is send back to the advertiser for confirmation.

Who are AdEx competitors in the Crypto-sphere?

AdEx is not the only player in this multi-billion advertising industry. There are other blockchain based platforms that are competing for the market share. Set to launch on Monday, February 26th, ADX appears to be the underdog.

Other players that are competing for the same advertising space include AdToken (ADST) and AdShares. These are currently trading at $0.078968 (5.45%) and $0.368590 (-14.09%) respectively. By looking at their current performance in the crypto-sphere AdEx will give them a run for their money. Ad based cryptocurrencies are not new in the market but this is one of the most anticipated token since 2017.

AdEx (ADX) is currently trading at $1.70 (-2.55%) as the CoinMarketCap portal. This could go either way after the beta launch. However, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts expect the coin to hit $10 by end of the year. If you are looking for a digital coin, ADX could be your choice in the range of cryptocurrencies battling for the advertising piece of pie.

In the real sense, AdEx (ADX) is playing in a different league from Google AdSense but competing for the same trophy at the same time. How AdSense treats the publisher wills slightly help AdEx gain traction and if there are no teething problems, the advertising space will disrupted to discern the content creator and advertiser though a transparent and secure platform.



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