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IOT Chain (ITC): A Mix of Prestige and Excellence in Blockchain


The internet of things (IoT) is coming of age thanks to the IOT Chain (ITC). This is the trending technology niche and is poised to benefit from the blockchain technology. If you are looking for a robust platform that blends prestige and excellence, IOT Chain is your right bet.

IOT Chain is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer system and is developing a lite OS for the Internet of Things sector. The platform is quite promising and will impact positively on various sectors including that if supply chain management.  However, ITC will not only be centered on supply chain but disrupt other prestigious areas like drones and self-driven cars globally.

How will IOT Chain (ITC) Help You?

With an Operating system, IOT Chain will enable users decentralize their server solutions that enables you cut down on operational cost under a secure environment. Digital assets require high security levels that give you peace of mind. The system helps you store your information secure and accessible.

With IOT Chain, you are assured you have the privacy that your deserve. Your data is stored in different point where user and personal information are separated.  Storing all forms of data in one place is not a good idea. You need different storage points just in case systems fail; a diversion from IOTA value proposition.

Importantly, the goal of the IOT Chain is to monetize user data whilst protecting their privacy. This is drastic shift from conventional transactions where participants to not derive and benefits from the system. When privacy is guaranteed, trust in transactions is instilled.


IOT Chain (ITC) Target Areas

Apparently, IOT Chain has its own native coin (ITC); however its use is not clear. According to their website, the token will be used in powering micropayments for any service rendered in their IoT platforms.

It is clear that ITO Chain seeks to revolutionize operational and revenue opportunities that require a transparent push. Apart from keeping track of your digital asset, the network enables you remain competitive in your niche. Below are some areas the system is poised to have a positive impact.

Tracking of assets through unique numbers and codes: It will standardize product management by tracking them from production through warehouses and retail. As a manufacturer, you have the ability to track goods and get feedback on the temperatures they were exposed on transit by use of granular sensors.

Asset tracking data: the platform will help manufacturers are retailers use the asset data to create a better supplier-merchant relationship. Data collected will guide venders plan on production and delivery schedules.

The IOT Chai will help businesses “lock in” customers. Once you know your customer buying habits and preferences, you create long term revenue opportunities with them. Understanding customers need and meeting them grows your business and that is what IOT Chain is trying to achieve; no guess work.

IOT Chain (ITC) Market Trends

As per CoinMarketCap charts show substantial growth since November 11th 2017 main chain test.  The ITC token is trading at $2.69 (market cap $102,917,950) at the time of writing after registering a growth of 4.47% in the last 24 hours. This is on the lower side compared with January 1st when the price was quoted at $8.86.

With a total supply of 100million tokens, the coin is poised to gain traction after the completion of its wallet test by end of February and subsequent completion of the main chain test by end of April 2018. By the time the DAG system gets online in December, IOT Chain will be a force to reckon with.

With the overall cryptocurrency recovering from the recent crash, IOT Chain (ITC), the prestige and excellence ecosystem will keep trending and its adoption rate increase. With their unique Route to Market (RTM) and media publicity, their traction should increase giving you a good reason to put your stakes on it.



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