Lisk (LSK) & the Partnership with Microsoft and the Azure Cloud

Lisk (LSK) – In today’s society being associated with Microsoft is a big deal no matter where you are situated in the world. What many people don’t know is that Lisk (LSK) partnered up with Microsoft way back in the early 2016’s. The corporate giant made the deal to partner with LISK to get a blockchain-based protocol that was powered up by Azure Program using a blockchain solution called Azure Cloud.

When this occurred, Microsoft was busy with an initiative into creating BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-service) which was initially set under Azure, later on, they would simplify the making and development of decentralised applications that were at that point easy to program and created by JavaScript.

The resilience of the Lisk fork

Rarely do forked cryptocurrencies gain traction and prosper. One of the few which actually achieved this is Lisk. After a hard fork of Crypti, Lisk came to be and generated instant buzz. The cryptocurrency is written in Javascript. This foundational language makes it applicable literally anywhere in any device. This is an attractive quality which made Lisk develop interest among investors, enthusiasts and traders. Actively decentralized, the altcoin allows developers a fair chance to vote on who is securing the network that Lisk is built on. Developers can also create their own applications in the altcoin’s Sidechains. Furthermore, the transaction speeds make Lisk a great altcoin to work with. The transfer of Lisk from one party to the next takes only 10 seconds. Thanks to these features, the altcoin has generated positive buzz. As a result, Lisk is trading at $11.27 which is an attractive price for investors and rapid-fire traders. The altcoin is experiencing further support from the cryptocurrency community and mainstream players. Take a peek at what’s going on in the Lisk camp.

24 hour price chart of Lisk
Lisk price chart

Chart 1: Lisk price chart (Source: Coingecko, 2018)

Listed in BitFlyer exchange


Getting listed is always great for a cryptocurrency. Lisk experienced this when it was listed on the Japanese exchange known as Bitflyer. The cryptocurrency shot up in value after the listing and rose from $21.63 to $35.26 in half an hour after the announcement! The altcoin rose in value from $21.50 to $36.27 growing by a whopping 65% after the news went public.

There was so much interest in the altcoin that Bitflyer actually crashed. The exchange experienced some downtime and early investors who had locked in positions with Lisk cryptocurrency got some attractive returns as soon as the exchange came back up.

The price of the altcoin dipped after the listing’s heat had cooled down. Despite that, Lisk is still trading on Bitflyer at a price which indicates the potential for growth through the rest of the year.

This was a groundbreaking development for Lisk because Bitflyer famously only holds 5 other altcoins. Thus, Lisk joins an exclusive club in a high volume exchange. The move confirmed to long-term investors that the altcoin is guaranteed to do well in 2018. The good news kept flowing in for the cryptocurrency after Robinhood expressed interest in listing the altcoin.

the version of Lisk Nano 1.0.0
Lisk Nano 1.0.0

Robinhood online brokerage announces that it will list Lisk in a special category of cryptocurrencies

One of the most popular exchanges online right now is Robinhood. It contains a collection of assets such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), stocks, options and now cryptocurrencies. As a matter of fact, Robinhood recently announced that it would be having commission-free cryptocurrency trading 24/7 and Lisk (LSK) is one of the altcoins which will be listed.

According to a statement from the co-CEO and co-founder of the exchange, Baiju Bhatt, Robinhood will be a platform where anyone interested in trading any asset instrument including altcoins can do so and make profits. Facilitated through a dedicated application, these asset instruments are provided to traders in a consolidated panel. It is user-friendly and has everything in one place.

With 3 million traders already active in the exchange, Robinhood will give Lisk beneficial exposure and liquidity. The service is expected to be available to the masses in February 2018. Another exchange that has listed Lisk is Huobi.pro.

Lisk (LSK) going to the moon
Lisk movement

Huobi.pro is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It facilitates the trading of pairs of cryptocurrencies in high volumes. Lisk was recently listed on this exchange. With more than a million traders in 130 different countries, Huobi.pro provides Lisk with an opportunity to gain exceptional liquidity. Moreover, it will gain exposure to these traders and increase in value as well.

Huobi.pro is an expanding exchange. It already has centres in Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore. It also expects to open a pair of exchanges in Japan this year after making a partnership with the SBI Group. As such, Lisk is bound to get major exposure into these markets and garner a range of fans, investors and traders. The flurry of listings does not stop there.

The Swizz bomb

Hailing from Switzerland, Lisk is one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in this year. It has received commercial success and been listed in strategic exchanges. It also has a favourable price for investment and trade. If you’re looking to make great returns in 2018 from cryptocurrencies, Lisk is a great buy!


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