The Sleeping Giant Stratis (STRAT) Awakens

Software company Gluon from SILICON Valley partners with Stratis

Amidst the boom of Litecoin (LTC) it seems that people overlook the sleeping giant Stratis (STRAT). The Silicon Valley-based corporation announced that it would team up with Stratis as its first verified ICO’s. The technology that Gluon has derived is a secure network of interconnected vehicles, that gives the user the ability to diagnose, monitor, and track various issues using AI, IoT devices and blockchain.

In an interview surrounding the collaboration, Chris Stew, Founder of Stratis had the following to say.

“Security is of paramount importance in our endeavours as we move forward. It would be in our best interest to move forward together, pushing both our companies into the new Ecosystem sphere that is currently taking over the tech industry”

Stratis as we see it today

In the world of cryptocurrencies, Stratis is a double-edged sword. It is a blockchain platform upon which you can launch Blockchain-based applications. It is also an altcoin that can be traded on various exchanges around the world. These characteristics make Stratis a winning cryptocurrency worth the attention of any trader or investor looking to make money. With a dedicated team in its background and a strategically rewarding target, this cryptocurrency has all the signs of being a long-term investment. Stratis (STRAT) is currently trading at $5.9178 which is a 0.361% increase in value from its previous price. A collection of factors have made this possible. Read on to discover them as well as some reasons why you should invest in this cryptocurrency.

fluctuations in the price chart of Stratis
Stratis price chart

Chart 1: Stratis price chart (Source: Coingecko, 2018)

Stratis partners with Earth Twine Incorporated

Stratis made the achievement of being the first Blockchain to facilitate the tracking and collection of origin information in the seafood industry. This is now possible through the Earth Twine Platform. By utilizing the Blockchain technology provided by Stratis, Earth Twine will be able to foster and maintain a high level of trust, speed and reliability in the existing processes of the seafood industry.


Earth Twine Incorporated is an innovative company. That’s because they have created a solution for use in the seafood industry to boost synergy and representation for all seafood professionals. This initiative is also supported by the Association of International Seafood Professionals (AISP).

Through the partnership with Stratis, all the participants in the seafood supply chain will enjoy more efficient data tracking for the purpose of compliance with the IUU. Seeing as the global seafood industry collects revenues of $158.1 billion and posts a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 3.8%, Stratis has made a strategic and most importantly, profitable partnership.

Upon the release of this news, the altcoin’s price surged forward garnering interest from regular traders and long-term investors alike. The partnership was made in August 2017 and set the foundation for optimistic views on Stratis.

Stratis cryptocurrency is likely to make a big impact in 2018

This altcoin has already partnered with one of the biggest corporations in the world. Thanks to this mainstream partnership, analysts predict that it will have an exceptional 2018.

Firstly, the partnership between Stratis and Earth Twine Incorporated showed that the altcoin is inspiring confidence in the mainstream corporate scene. Secondly, investors who already hold large amounts of bigger cryptocurrencies are looking to diversify their portfolios in new investments. Stratis presents an excellent choice due to its growth curve, support system and attractive price. As such, the cryptocurrency is expected to see vibrant market action in 2018. Last but not least, the fundamental characteristics of this cryptocurrency platform make it an attractive buy. Here they are in detail.

The bold Stratis coin
Stratis coin

Features of Stratis which make it an attractive buy this year

The programming language used to build the altcoin platform

Stratis is built in C#. The cryptocurrency targets corporations, especially the ones that utilize Microsoft’s .NET framework. This resource was developed for companies so that they can build customized applications for various business processes.

The interesting fact is that these business applications are usually written in C#. Seeing as few to none Blockchain platforms are written in this language, it was previously very difficult for businesses to leverage the power of the Blockchain on a day to day business. Thankfully, Stratis came along.

The platform is written in C# and provides a bridge between corporations running .NET and the Blockchain. Seeing as most of the world’s companies run this framework, Stratis is immediately relevant to all of them.

Dynamic and regular updates

Stratis performs updates to its Blockchain platform through Project Breeze. This is a special protocol used for updates which now implements TumbleBit. This feature makes transactions on Stratis completely anonymous. They also cannot be linked to one another. Therefore, businesses can use Stratis to make transactions privately. Tumblebit and Project Breeze are always under development to make them better.

 The community that goes by the name Stratis Army 

A cryptocurrency can launch with much pomp and fanfare. However, the main factor which keeps it alive in the long term is the community which it builds. Stratis has a loyal and dedicated community known as the Stratis Army. Motivated and happy, the community is always willing to welcome new members and provide support for existing investors or traders.

The Stratis core developers also make a point to recognize the importance of their community in reports and media briefings. Therefore, the Stratis family works together to maintain the solidity of the cryptocurrency.

The end result

There are many reasons why Stratis should be in your portfolio or become your very next buy. The cryptocurrency is stable, has immense potential and has longevity. It already has a major corporation utilizing its Blockchain infrastructure and it has the potential to attract many more. To enjoy long-term benefits in cryptocurrency investment, make Stratis part of your portfolio and watch returns flow in throughout 2018!


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