Cardano (ADA) – Momentum is Building for this Cryptocurrency

Cardano (ADA) – The “third-generation” cryptocurrency token (Bitcoin – 1st generation & Ethereum – 2nd generation), ADA, reached an all time high of $1.30 January 2018 and has since fallen to a low of $.12 cents. For a relatively new coin, ADA quickly become a top contender on the market as it now sits at the #7 position. Currently the previous support at $0.32 may act as resistance. A temporary high was formed at $0.345 from where a fresh downside wave was initiated. Sellers gained control and pushed the price below the $0.32 support area.

The team of developers at Cardano have been working on some pretty significant improvements. It is already a commonly known fact that the team behind ADA aims to create a digital platform to support the coin, while creating it in a way that would enable it to become the most secure asset of all.

Recently, the Cardano team has been working on manipulating the Proof of Stake algorithm in a way that makes all the present problems with security, finally resolved. Now that the IOHK team has made this improvement, their PoS is now more similar to PoW and that means that Cardano now has the best of both protocols – which will most certainly contribute to a more secure platform.

New Partnerships

Metaps Plus is a leading South Korean mobil payment platform that has been hailed as “the first Asian cryptocurrency integration into mobile payment platform.” Earlier today, a blockchain startup incubator based out of Japan, Emurgo, announced that it would be integrating Cardano’s ADA currency into Metaps Plus. Metaps Plus primarily focuses on providing infrastructure for cryptocurrency integration for mobile apps and deals with “10 million mobile to offline transactions per year.”

This could not have come at a better time as Cardano now has several partnerships with credible companies. If the adoption of ADA by one of South Korea’s mobil marketing/payment monsters doesn’t impress you the tokens offered by Cardano will be used in over 33,000 offline franchise stores which will help ease into mass adoption. This adoption from Metaps Plus means immediate digital payments/settlements will take place in Korea – a country that has a pioneering history of innovation for technology. Emburgo’s main goal is to bring about adoption among people who wish to utilize the blockchain upon which Cardano is built on.

This partnership signals the entry of Cardano into a market where cryptocurrency is very popular and allowsADA users in South Korea will now be able to easily access the coins.


Metaps Plus CEO Kim Seungyeon said:  “I am very excited to partner with EMURGO integrating Ada coin into Korea’s one of the biggest mobile payment platforms. We are simply focused on delivering incremental sales and value to our offline and platform partners along with Ada coin owners.”

Ethiopian Coffee Beans

ADA is using the blockchain technology to improve the agritech industry in Ethiopia with the goal to increase supply chain transparency when dealing with Ethiopia’s biggest export: coffee beans. Hoskinson’s company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ethiopian Government at the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology’s blockchain forum that same day. Together, the main goal is to see 100 local developers being trained on using blockchain technology and programming in the Haskell Language.

Ethiopian Minister Getahun Mekuria Kuma has stated that he wants the first students on the Haskell course to be women because he wants to promote female participation in the cyber space. The ideal candidates to participate in this programming will be recent graduates of Ethiopian universities who have degrees in computer science.


CEO of IOHK, the man behind Cardano’s third generation cryptocurrency, Charles Hoskinson, had a minor scuffle with Craig Wright (AKA self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto) at the Transform Africa Summit 2018.

Hoskinson went to Twitter to expose Wright, calling him a “faketoshi”; wherein another twitter user butted in and doubted that Hoskinson actually said it to Wright directly, to which Hoskinson replied, “Yes i did. And its on video.”

No footage has appeared yet, but the conference organizers haven’t uploaded everything.

Hoskinson isn’t the only one tired of the obvious lie. During a Q&A, Vitalik Buterin pointed at Craig Wright asking, “Why is this fraud allowed to speak at this conference?”

While the real Satoshi Nakamoto remains a mystery, what we do know for certain is that the team behind Cardano studied the flaws of Bitcoin and created their token with the intention of it becoming a dominant force in the cryptocurrency market. 2018 is said to be the year of the altcoin and Cardano most definitely lead the pack in April’s bull run. Charging up more than 100% before settling down at the stagnant position it holds now, the next couple of months look bullish for Cardano. Overall Cardano has had a high performance since its ICO. Consolidation from the 2017 bull run seems to finally be reversing.


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