The Rebranding of Blockchain Platform VeChain (VEN) To VeChainThor (VET)

From VeChain (VEN) To VeChainThor (VET), Rebranding

It seems like a good day for the altcoin VeChain (VEN) as it gets to its current day high of US$ 4.36 at time of writing. Gaining a notable increase the past 24 hours, VeChain (VEN) has a current market cap of US$ 2.25 billion and the total volume traded the last 24 hours was worth US$ 84.68 million. While most of the digital currencies are still experiencing a downward slope, not only did VeChain (VEN) recover and maintained a position, it is actually on a reversal upward trend.

VeChain (VEN) gained a total of 7.07℅ the last 24 hour period. It suffered a small loss of 3.7℅ last week but total month’s gain is at 17℅. Overall, VeChain (VEN) is having a good run and showing great stability during rough times. With such a good positive direction, many speculate that it will again reach its all-time high of US$ 9.55 and perhaps surpass it and hold the position.

Aside from a quick recovery by VeChain (VEN) and a good upward flow on the charts, the team from VeChain (VEN) seems to be ever vigilant attending to its continues development as well as getting into partnerships which would prove significant. Such actions and proceedings further gather the interests of traders, investors, and others more. VeChain (VEN) is slowly becoming the chosen enterprise by many when it comes to blockchain technology.

Price of the Altcoin for the week 20 May 2018
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Recently, VeChain (VEN) signed a partnership with the Bright Food Co., a company owned by Shanghai’s Municipal Government itself. Its annual gross income amounts to a staggering US$ 25 billion a year. The partnership involves the integration of the VeChain (VEN) blockchain platform to that of Bright Food’s system. The platform will be utilized to manage various types of data such as recording of lifecycles of products, supply chains, crop retail items monitoring and much more. Many other subsidiaries are listed under Bright Food’s umbrella, both foreign and China-based. The integration of VeChain (VEN) will provide safe, secure, accurate and real-time processing of records and transactions on the blockchain platform.

Such events further solidify the presence of VeChain (VEN) in the world of digital currencies and blockchain technology. Not only does it gain credibility in the world of trading, finance, and industries, but by knowing big company names trust VeChain (VEN), the public is assured that it is indeed an altcoin that will become a mainstay and arguably one of the best altcoin investments to consider. To date, VeChain (VEN) is amongst the top ten contenders in the world of cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap.

Vechain cryptocurrency
Vechain VEN

From VeChain (VEN) To VeChainThor (VET), Rebranding

VeChain (VEN) is a cryptocurrency which has proven itself as fast-growing and reliable with a platform that is business friendly. User and supporters of VeChain (VEN) are rapidly increasing in numbers and public trust is on a high. Just 18th of May, VeChainThor (VET) Alpha officially started. This is a rebranding of VeChain (VEN) now just on its very early stages. This digital platform is said to focus more on smart contracts, management of supply chains, and other services related to finance which investors, traders and the industrial and food business sectors can take advantage of. What’s best it all is the developers’ concerns to provide affordable services. Quality services need not be that expensive and that’s one virtue of the VeChain (VEN) team.


VeChain (VEN) Is Leading Choice Of Many Industries

One of the priorities of VeChain (VEN) is to maximize its functions for the use of enterprise in real physical world scenarios. By integrating various functions to daily tasks particularly those which concerns records and transactions. By doing so, many business entities have begun to take notice. Several prominent names in the field of business are already working things out with VeChain (VEN) while a lot more are considering. The experience of VeChain (VEN) spans the areas of food and beverage, storage, transportation, supply chains, retail supply, pharma, personal goods and others more.

VeChain (VEN) Is backed by Experienced Developers

The CEO and founder of VeChain (VEN) is Sunny Lu, a graduate from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. His major was in Communications Engineering and Electronics. He was the CIO of company LV in China and has been an IT Expert for the Fortune 500 Companies for more than a decade. Given that background, VeChain (VEN) is backed by one who is not a newcomer to the world of business, finance, and technology. Lu is joined by a team of seasoned experts as well which make VeChain (VEN) what it is today. The cumulation of knowledge, skills, talent, experience, and passion drives this platform to new heights. As such, analysts believe VeChain (VEN) will not only prevail in the world of cryptocurrencies but it most probably will dwell and dominate in the higher ranks.

So one might ask, what makes VeChain (VEN) a good choice for investment? Most times many new traders and investors just look at current charts and present trend, but that is just the tip of the iceberg which could even mislead one’s judgment. Aside from carefully studying an altcoin’s historical data and developers’ background, there is one thing of utmost importance. That would be its actual use in the real world and if businesses support it. It’s very simple anything which has a direct connection to the physical world will, of course, be in demand and will last. Anything with support from business sectors is also stable because no business establishment would risk efforts, money, and reputation for something unreliable. A business entity, especially those which are established, would do tremendous research and study before getting into a partnership. VeChain (VEN) has both of those important factors. It is supported by prominent businesses and has extensive real-world applications. Given these, it is safe to say that VeChain (VEN) is one of the most secure and profitable investments one could consider.


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