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Populous (PPT) Brings Blockchain Services To The Masses

Populous As Top Performing Altcoin In Asia Gathers More Supporters

Populous (PPT) – It seems like early Christmas today for the crypto community as the charts seem to be predominantly shaded in green. At the time of writing, cryptocurrency Populous or (PPT) has gained 2.90% the past 24 hours with a market value price of $ 13.67 USD. It maintains a current market cap of $ 506.079 million. Its coin total is $ 53.252 million while the volume traded the past 24 hours is $28.753 million.

Recently, Populous touched base above the $ 17.00 USD mark and many say that aside from showing signs of recovery, it seems that better days are waiting ahead of this altcoin. Some say it’s too early to say while the coin’s supporters are quick to agree given the background and data of their favorite currency.

By definition, Populous with symbol PPT is a financial platform built for commerce and inventory. It made use of the available blockchain technology then and further developed it to a more advanced system suitable for their intent. The platform involves the use of Z Score formula, Smart Contracts, stable tokens and other precautionary enhancements to make sure they deliver satisfying and efficient services for investors and traders from all over. Having been designed on Ethereum’s Virtual Machine system, PPT allowed its users to experience and get hold of services usually offered only by banks. Its aim of bringing banking and financial services to the masses makes it very attractive to a widespread audience. While special services by banks mostly only cater to the rich, powerful and elite, the altcoin’s efforts make it available and convenient for anyone. The saying amongst the crypto community seems to be true that the blockchain technology is a gift to humanity.

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Will Populous Be A Top Performing Altcoin

The rise of the Asian altcoins has begun, as investors and traders become more interested and decide to place their bets on these cryptocurrencies. Seasoned investors are now giving more attention to altcoins as the margin for profit is higher if they make the right judgment.

Populous currently belongs to the top 30 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. Out of the 30 coins, it is noted that it is also the coin which exhibits the best performance. Many in the crypto community are on a continuous lookout for the best possible coin option there is and PPT seems to be making heads turn and minds thinking.


Officially on record, Populous increased by more than 90% if compared against the US dollar. While the majority of the cryptocurrencies in the market including the top and big ones suffered heavy loses or just became stagnant when reversal came after the great crypto boom, PPT exhibited strength. It stood its ground even though there were fluctuations and even gained in the process. The above 90% increase which it gained happened within a 6 week period. Due to this fact and the numbers, many consider it to be a top if not the best performing cryptocurrency in circulation.

As with all businesses, investments, and endeavors, the vision of the future is an important thing to consider. Although the currency market for both fiat and cryptos are highly volatile and very accurate predictions don’t come easy, one’s bet is to gather as much information as possible and make the judgment from there. Taking risks is common and actually a must, but what matters is that those risks taken are well calculated backed by facts and data.

Many experts and analysts predict that for a long-term investment scenario of perhaps a 5-year span, PPT would most probably have risen to up to ten times its present value. So by around the year 2023, its market value of $ 150.00 USD might hit the charts. Still, those who show more optimism say that it is possible or even easy for the coin to reach a $ 500.00  USD market value price within 5 years or even 3 years.

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Populous Reaps The Benefits of Partnership With Komodo

Aside from the figures officially recorded which is proof of PPT’s good performance, there are also other factors which others consider as a basis or factor for further judgment. In just the 1st quarter of this year in March 2018, Populous signed a partnership agreement with Komodo. The agreement made was exclusive.

Populous was integrated to Komodo’s own decentralized exchange platform, BarterDEX. Unlike other platforms, theirs process cross-chained atomic swaps which is a more advanced version of how previous blockchain networks function. PPT would then be Komodo’s sole platform for invoice discounting.

Experts in the crypto community say that Atomic Swaps is a step ahead of the cryptographic blockchain technology used by many. It allows transactions to be done by different platforms without the need of third parties making the process a true peer-to-peer decentralized platform.

According to Stephen Williams, Populous CEO, he was looking forward to the partnership with Komodo as it can actually change the means by which transactions are governed within the blockchain ecosystem. It will be a game changer and he is certain that many others more will follow their footsteps.

Given the Komodo and Populous partnership which promotes new technology actually capable of changing how some things work in the digital ecosystem, along with the coin’s resistance to the bull and might to fight back and progress, the coin is accumulating supporters more than ever. Everyone in the crypto community is looking for those magic moments or coins which yield good profit or to some extent even change lives, Populous seems to be becoming a favorite and with that sentiment, its market value rises.

Think of this: At the start of writing this article, the coin’s gain was at 2.90% with a price of $13.67. Now before this piece is done, its market price is US$14.24 with a 24 hour gain of 7.19 %!


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