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EOS (EOS) Taking Down Ethereum (ETH)


After its launch just a year ago, EOS (EOS) is having an impressive growth compared to the big digital coins that have a wavy performance. It is continuously showing signs of stunning investors this year with the $20 value expected by the end of this year. It is ranked at position nine by market capitalization if over six billion and its current price is between $9.83 and $10 per EOS token. With the recent dip in the cryptocurrency vessel, EOS exhibited an impressive level of stability putting the fact that most other altcoins dropped in price. The coin is compared to Ethereum (ETH) due to its decentralized smart contract platform. However, speculations indicate that there are some chances of EOS taking down Ethereum.

Bitfinex propelling EOS (EOS) to a higher value

Bitfinex partnered with EOS to launch one of a kind decentralized exchange called EOSfinex. The exchange platform is built on EOS technology and fused together with the digital currency experience of Bitfinex. EOSfinex is set to provide a pathway of getting a quick, trustless, and transparent platform for trading multiple digital assets. The platform will deal with the challenging issues that face centralized exchanges and that is guaranteeing the security of all digital assets.

EOSfinex will enable traders of digital currencies to have an alternative of trading any digital asset through leveraging the current blockchain technology found in all digital coins. It,  therefore means that crypto investors do not have to put their trust on a single entity or person with the trading transaction. Thus, the word ‘trustless’ comes into play. It would lead to a more transparent and stress-free process of the transaction.

Meetup in Korea

The rapid growth of EOS (EOS) is most possibly impacted by the partnership of Block.one and EOS.IO platform. Korea is an ideal country since it holds the 5th position in providing the most advanced technologies. The goal of the meetup was to provide an entry to industries and companies to join the network of EOS. The meetup also suggested adding another token to the network. Other implementations base on the flexibility and scalability of the platform as well as the adding of Richard Jung to the team.


Speculations are spreading that EOS would take down Ethereum (ETH). Well, this is most probably to happen. The speculations come from its partnership with Bitfinex and numerous meetups. The alliance between Bitfinex and EOS gave birth to EOSFinex which is getting noticed by every crypto trader. It is because the decentralized platform has the capability of handling all 1,542 coins and tokens in the digital currency market. It would therefore, mean the demand of the coin would sky-rocket and have a possible moon landing. With EOSFinex, the coin will have a chance of showcasing its proof of concept to actual real-life applications.

Another reason for watching out EOS (EOS) is its several meetups that already occurred or underway in different places across the globe. These meetups guarantee the coin’s success in its existing projects as well as the planned projects yet to occur. The recent numbers surely indicate that the coin is on a mission of rising against Ethereum (ETH).


Ripple (XRP): THE DARK HORSE OF 2018

Ripple (XRP)


Ripple (XRP) is back in the green after an eventful week in the digital currency market. The prices are gaining track, although investors still have uncertainty, doubts, and fears concerning the fiat currency mini-crash dissipate. In the low selloff, some coins showed resilience. One of the coins is Ripple (XRP). The numbers show that Ripple is going to be the defining digital currency in 2018. The coin is hovering around the $42 billion mark in the market capitalization. The resilience of XRP continues as the mega-deals between banking intuitions thrive.

$4 billion mega deal with Saudi Central Bank

The mega-deal between Saudi Central Bank and Ripple is the first bank- cryptocurrency partnership. Ripple and the monetary authority of Saudi Arabia agreed on the $4 billion mega-deal. Ripple through the deal is able to develop software for use in settlement of payments for banking institutions in Saudi. The coin will offer the xCurrent program to the Saudi banks. The banks will use the software in facilitating payments across borders.

The partnership is still in the pilot stage; however, it provides the coin with an opportunity for expanding its reach. The deal already gives the coin a surge as investors indicated that the coin gained value to almost $1.14 mark from its initial $1.03 level. It is an impressive percentage increase as the coin had a 10% rise on that day, that is an addition of $4 billion to its account.

Western Union testing Ripple (XRP)

Another financial institution added itself to the growing list of banking institutions that are testing Ripple. Western Union will simply be using XRP for money transfers. The company will experiment with the coin for transactions settlement and for optimization of capital. In this case, Ripple will offer xRapid which makes use XRP in payment flows. With the use of Ripple blockchain, the money transfer company would move money faster though the coin is not fully essential for handling payments.


A coin success depends on its use cases and that’s where XRP comes in. Ripple is continuously providing the cryptocurrency sphere and the world with a platform to solve real-world issues. Putting Ripple into perspective, you will have to deal with more than its price as it is too minimalistic. The coin’s foundation of future success is from its commanding interesting of partnering with major financial institutions in the world. Its relationship with financial platforms is an indelible marker that Ripple is the defining cryptocurrency in the crypto sphere.

Ripple’s goal is promoting the internet of value concept. It achieves this through partnering with banking institutions with an intention of making payments across borders in swifter, secure, and reliable way. The center of boosting its performance in the digital coin market is through the interledger protocol that offers a connection between blockchains and financial platforms. Ripple (XRP) involving itself with more financial platforms and banks as an alternative for global money transfers will increase its market value. The relationships boost the coin’s overall appeal and could help Ripple (XRP) surpass Bitcoin as the market leader.


Dogecoin (DOGE) Goes Wild to Bitcoin’s Envy


As the number of Altcoins continues to penetrating the global digital money market, latest technology has become the key driver in traction and gains. Dogecoin (DOGE) seems to be going wild despite the current turbulent crypto-sphere.  Launched in 2013, the coin has been able to navigate the murky waters of digital coins.

DOGE started as a fun- meme platform in 2013, it recently broke loose to hit the $ 1billion market cap; a true proof of how far digital currencies have come after Bitcoin was created. In less than five years, the coin has grown with many users and stakeholders putting in more investments.

What is Dogecoin (DOGE)?

Simply put, Dogecoin (DOGE) is a peer-to-peer system that has no central authority and helps in facilitating easy and fast sending and receiving money online anywhere where you have access to internet. Transactions have fun part of the coin; DOGE is a fun friendly mascot, an online meme that borrows heavily on a Japanese dog character, Shiba Inu.

The aim of the coin is to engage its users in a fun way while interacting with internet money. This is for people like you who love have fun online. The DOGE community has grown in vibrancy and new members get astounding support from other users. Once you become a member, you never have a dull moment.

What sets Dogecoin apart from other cryptocurrencies is that you add value to other content creators by “tipping” them.  This is a way of appreciating their content while at the same time add value that other participants can use online. When you upvote or recommend other users content, you both earn DOGE tokens.

Getting started with Dogecoin is simple; all you need to set up your wallet in. This is where you your coins. Your wallet is where you store and transfer coins from to support other community members. Increased interaction on the platform means better earnings.

The good thing about Dogecoin is that there are no limits on the amount of coins that can be minted or mined. Currently, there are over 112 billion DOGE coins in circulation (CoinMarketCap). The DOGE coin is traded at $0.00786 in mid-February and seems to be on the up-trend.  Early January, the coin value nearly doubled to stand at $2 billion. This might appear small for short term investment when compared to $270 billion behind Bitcoin success.

Why should You Invest in Dogecoin (DOGE)?

Dogecoin was created to ride on Bitcoin boom but with a twist. The founder, Jackson Palmer can look back as smile at what he has created; the investment potential is huge. Its steady growth in the otherwise competitive market has transformed the platform from a small circle of geeks to a value coin that has defied the odds to rise in value.

The coin continues to gain a positive reputation in unique sponsorship deals through their charitable community. After the 2013 hack, the community came together to raise funds to safeguard its future. Dogecoin has raised funds to support water projects in Kenya, raised funds for Olympic Games participants and help retired NSCAR driver Josh Wise. These partnerships have brought the less known coin into the limelight and thus opening unique investment openings for all.

Why Buy Dogecoin Instead of Bitcoin?

This question may sound like a hard nut to crack; however; with enough trust on the platform, you appreciate that scarce goods hold value compared to those readily available. With cryptocurrencies, common sense does not dictate the future behavior of a particular coin or token. Unless a digital currency is used in transactions, it does not hold any intrinsic value and that is the premise Dogecoin rides on.

Dogecoin is far much superior than Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of design and route to the market. Their target audiences are different and there is too much thought behind DOGE. This means it is the right choice that you can use it to enter into the crypto-sphere investing for long term value proposition.

Dogecoin offers you100% anonymity. It is fully decentralized and amazingly secure. Once you create a wallet, you can buy goods and services, exchange or trade it for other virtual and convectional currencies.  The coin is transitioning itself from the “Joke Coin” to mainstream coin subtly.

With a tight knit community that is passionate and supportive, Dogecoin (DOGE) is poised to give BTC and ETH a healthy competition in the near future. With the expected anticipated soft-forks on the platform to counter security threats, Dogecoin has its eyes set on the top ten in terms of growth and value by end of 2018. This is a natural Altcoin you can invest in sheer comfort.


Cardano (ADA) Not Leaving The Limelight Anytime Soon


Never underestimate the power of a cryptocurrency. Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano (ADA), ranks 14 among cryptocurrency billionaires. This ranking is according to Investopedia’s list of cryptocurrency wealthiest billionaires.

In reality, we have many factors that may influence the value of cryptocurrencies like Cardano coin. Research showed that technological influence, the mainstream media, government regulations, demand, and supply could have a massive impact on the stability of cryptocurrencies. In addition, you might have noticed prices of cryptocurrencies change as soon as the founder makes an announcement. It happens. Before diving headlong into the revolutionary statement, it’s of equal importance to understand Cardano’s background.

According to Charles Hoskinson, the leader of the Hong Kong-based firm IOHK that founded Cardano, the digital currency aims to develop more advanced features than existing cryptocurrencies. So you want to know how Cardano coin works? As at now, it’s difficult for a nonprofessional to understand technicalities that make ADA coin work. Besides, it has three main organizations to facilitate its development; the foundation, Emurgo, and Input Output Honk Kong (IOHK).

Cardano Coin Will Be Better Than Bitcoin and Ethereum

This is according to an interesting interview with the Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson. Financemagnets.com did the interview, and the results were promising. You will find answers to the most screening questions about Cardano.

The founder said within the next 6 months, Cardano will be better than Ethereum and Bitcoin in all aspects. While answering why the coin rose so fast, he gave a detailed explanation, concluding the cryptocurrency will be better than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Despite rising so fast to be the fifth largest currency, Cardano (ADA) remained around its position for a considerable time. Admitting this claim, he said the rank of a cryptocurrency does not determine its effectiveness. He added, giving reference to Bitcoin and Ethereum. For instance, Charles said that Bitcoin failed in its payment exchange system. Since we are living in a speculative industry, there are chances that Bitcoin and Ethereum can go down anytime soon. By putting a lot of emphasis on previously made cryptocurrencies, Cardano coin capitalizes on solving weaknesses. These reasons may make ADA better than Bitcoin and Ethereum in 1-year time.

The founder also gave reference to the science, philosophy, team behind it, and previous achievements. Cardano coin will advance its market in Africa, South America, and other developing countries in a manner that suits their financial systems.

Security Features To Make Cardano The Next Crypto-giant

Cardano does not agree with most philosophical points. As can be seen, we have had exchange attacks, vulnerabilities, and hacking claims in most digital currencies. From its own philosophy, the currency takes these factors from a different angle. So, you may not witness any of these claims happening to Cardano.

Cardano coin is listed in ChangeNOW, a crypto exchanger service. If you are wondering Cardano has a potential future, here is what to do. Invest what you can afford to lose, as a way of diversifying your bets. You may see ADA won’t fade from the limelight anytime soon.

In conclusion, it’s good to diversify your bets on digital currencies. This is because other crypto currencies like Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin have an equal chance of becoming the next giant. Even so, Cardano (ADA) showed great interest in becoming the next giant through this exciting, revolutionary statement.


Vechain Guide: Everything you need to know About VEN Coin

Vechain (VEN)
image cridet: medium.com

VeChain (VEN) offers a blockchain platform that all industries and enterprises in the economy can use to enhance solving their problems. The decentralized network of VeChain allows users to build decentralized applications (dApps) and project and information management platforms to solve their various problems. VeChain Foundation, the parent company to VEN coin, was established in July 2017 and shortly released the initial public sale of the token. In its short 7 month life, the company has been able to make significant partnerships as the coin aims apotheosis.

VEN is a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem based on the blockchain technology. It focuses on variety of different solutions for different markets including liquor, luxury goods, retail, agriculture and logistics.

Recently, news spread amongst community members stating that the Mainnet would be released on July 31st 2018. This news would offer a huge boost to the coins development roadmap accomplishments. However, the comments were later dismissed VeChain (VEN) Reddit page. The rebranding is set to take place later this month on 26th February 2018. The ERC20 token is still based on the Ethereum network with the coin expected to be released through VeChain Mainnet later this year. This means the coin will establish its own blockchain, which will be a fork from the Ethereum main blockchain.

How does it work?

The network creates a business ecosystem among manufacturers, retailers, distributors and customers. The platform is built to serve any industry willing to adopt the technology. VeChain will enable direct payment within the ecosystem through decentralized payment channels and find solutions to problems in these industries using the blockchain. One such example is VeChain’s partner Direct Imported Goods (DIG), a Chinese wine company that adopted the technology late last year in November. Any product on the VeChain has a code that is stored safely on the blockchain.  The product is then pasted with a QR code or NFC chip that has all the information of the product. By scanning the code, every detail recorded on the blockchain will be displayed to the user. This allows everybody within the business cycle to be able to obtain the information of the product whether it’s a distribution or retail partner or a consumer who wants to know more about the product.

Benefits of VeChain

This technology narrows the informational gap between the suppliers and retailers as well as the consumers of these goods. The reduction in cost of operating the decentralized system ensures the platform competes with current platforms by offering very low transaction rates.  The storing of a permanent, public and open ledger through the VeChain blockchain ensures copyright laws are protected and transactions are transparent and safe.


The Singapore based token is based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining algorithm as opposed to the Proof-of-work algorithm preferred to Bitcoin and Ethereum and other larger cap coins. The platform rewards holders of the coin a stake for keeping the coin. Proof of stake works to achieve a consensus on the mining the next block amongst the community, albeit in a decentralized system. Once the consensus is reached, delegates mine the coin and rewards are shared between the community members.

A total cap of the coin to be distributed is 873,378,637 VEN coin with 469,490,853 VEN coin currently in circulation. This places the coin as the 7th largest coin in terms of market capitalization with a total value of $2,694,192,040 USD. 

Owning the Coin

Since the coins are not mined directly, how can you own VEN coin if you are not a delegate? The easiest way is to trade other cryptocurrencies for VEN on trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. The coin is traded using for major currency pairs; Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and Binance Coin (BNB). Binance boasts of the token’s daily largest volume with 73% of all VEN trades. Other exchanges trading the coin include Huobi Pro, LBanks and HitBTC.

The team

VeChain Foundaton consists of over 60 team member ranging from various fields such as IT, Software development, business and marketing. The project leader and founder of VeChain (VEN), Sunny Lu is a trained Electronics and Communication Engineer and has worked in various Fortune 500 companies sush as LV China. He is well versed in the field of business related technologies which led him to the start of VeChain (VEN). Here are the rest of the team members. 

Price Volatility

This January, the coins price soared to $9.2, an all-time high according to Coinmarketcap. This came just hours after the company announced its partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). VeChain Foundation announced its exclusive strategic partnership agreement with the Chinese National Research Consulting Center, NRCC. The first assignment is to develop systems to solve the monopoly regime in China’s Tobacco Industry. This partnership between company and VeChain is special given the tough statements on regulation of cryptocurrencies by the Chinese government.

The coin has however suffered a rough start to February dropping to a low of $2.96, the lowest the coin has been in 2018. A final green light in the crypto area pushed the coin to finally touch the $5-mark this week offering a great relief to its holders. This recent bounce back has been aided by the increasing number of partnerships that the company is announcing. This 20% growth in Vechain (VEN) price week-on-week was the largest of any coin in the top 10 this week.

Why You Should Consider investing in OmiseGO (OMG) Now


OmiseGO (OMG) is a real-world financial technology company. OmiseGO was established in Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia in 2013 with the aim of enabling people perform financial and commercial processes without having to go through existing financial institutions.

The company launched the OmiseGO (OMG) network and the digital wallet system in the fourth quarter of 2017.  OmiseGO network offers both blockchain and wallet services. The network provides a secure and open platform for carrying out transactions without having to depend on third parties.

Features of OmiseGO (OMG)

  • OmiseGO is based on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain design that maintains records corresponding to wallets on the system.
  • Users of OmiseGO can perform financial transactions including payments, remittances, payroll deposit, B2B commerce, supply-chain finance, loyalty programs, asset management and trading, and other on-demand service.
  • OmiseGO offers decentralized currencies and decentralized fiat token custody
  • OmiseGO network allow users to lock into Ethereum via smart contracts.

Latest News

OmiseGO (OMG) announced the launch of its White label wallet SDK just within the first quarter of 2018. The white label wallet will diversify payments. OMG white label wallet will enable people use credit cards, gift cards, and other digital currencies within the OMG network.

OmiseGO through their Twitter handle announced the OmiseGO jobs. The financial organization is currently hiring talents from across the globe into various sectors including;

Sales operation fulltime job in Japan, Accounting Finance Manager Fulltime job in Singapore, A Business Intelligence Data Engineer in Bangkok, Trading exchange Developer, and Regional director in Japan. Other job openings are for mobile app developers, analysts, marketers, and consultants. You can apply for these jobs through their website.

OmiseGO boasts a good number of partnership talks including its latest collaboration with AliPay, a leading service provider in Thailand. Also, McDonalds Thailand and Credit Saison entered into a deal to adopt OmiseGO token as its payment channel.

Status of OmiseGO

OmiseGO (OMG) in September 2017 became the first digital asset to hit a market capitalization of $1 billion (USD) after two ICOs; the Unicorn status. OMG hit its all-time high of $28.5 on January 8 this year. The token has achieved a lot under one year of its launch.

As at the time of this writing, here are the market statistics of OmiseGO (OMG):

  • Trading Value: $14.93
  • Market Capitalization: $1,676,212,181
  • 24 hours trading volume: $ 64,525,100
  • Circulating supply: 102,042,552 OMG
  • Total supply: 140,245,398 OMG
  • Cryptocurrency ranking: 22


Veritaseum (VERI) Has A Tremendous Amount Of Upside


Created by Reggie Middleton and the Veritaseum (VERI) team, this Blockchain and smart contracts application enable corporations and individuals to perform asset trades without bypassing brokers or going for loans from banks. Basically it’s designed as a software more than a cryptocurrency and boasts of being able to empower every entrepreneur with a chance of taking charge of their own assets, funds and organizational throughput at near zero costs thus enabling investment, speculation, and hedging of various peer to peer transactions without the risk of fraud or credit loss.

Veritaseum (VERI) eliminating middlemen

The fact that Veritaseum is built to be a peer to peer platform for capital markets built with smart contracts means users can have a one on one interaction without the need of a middleman. This serves as a more efficient way of transacting especially for industries that struggle, with higher transactional fees, friction during negotiations and other inefficiencies. By using Blockchain’s decentralization and the reliability of smart contracts, Veritaseum will achieve elimination of middlemen.

Solutions that Veritaseum is offering

Basically, Veritaseum (VERI) is on the path to being the software-driven peer to peer service provider that will give individuals access to capital markets, but how exactly does it work? Well, just like Blumberg’s pre-eminent publishing of legal forms, leasehold and money purchase agreements, Veritaseum presents smart contracts that are Blockchain enabled to facilitate value transfer from one party to another under condition.

For users that want to use Veritaseum’s smart contracts, the process is simple. The first option involves purchasing VERITAS (VERI) tokens that essentially act as a software token designed to represent the fee for using products and services from the Veritaseum platform. In the long run, the VERI token, users on the platform will have access to financial machines that are chain linked with smart contracts so as to deliver the same level of functional efficiency as large industries without exposure to balance sheets or credit risks and with near-zero margins.

Veritaseum Products

The decentralized solutions that Veritaseum coin uses are unique such that they are analysis and research-based. For this reason, the company uses macro analysis, forensics, and consulting to come up with different VERITAS sub-tokens that deliver credible service to a variety of industries. Some of these sub-tokens include;

  • VeADIR: An interactive instrument for digital research that delivers exposure to vetted research subjects. This token is set to be used to pay operating fees and purchase research-based data on the platform
  • VeRent: The VeRent sub-token will be charged with the responsibility of being and economic rent facility. It will be used on Veritaseum’s rental app that allows users to rent and lease our tokens on a peer to peer basis.
  • VeExposure: This sub-token will be used on the Veritaseum Exposure App to offer direct access to VeADIR and allow beginners as well as other users easy and affordable access to Ether and VERI token


All in all, Veritaseum (VERI) has a tremendous amount of upside considering it’s yet to release its beta platform. With a focus on hedge funds and entities in the financial industry, there is simply no reason why this little-known Blockchain and smart contract project will not be a revolutionary disruptive platform of the future.

Litecoin (LTC) Becomes The Clear Favorite

Litecoin (LTC)

If Bitcoin was Gold, then Litecoin could be silver. Surprisingly, Techcrunch reported that Charlie Lee, a former coinbase engineer, and Litecoin founder, sold almost all his Litecoin (LTC) assets. As can be seen, Litecoin isn’t young. Having been in the limelight for over 6 years, it has made significant prowess in our crypto-controlled world. As their slogan says, it is the cryptocurrency for payments. So, there is nothing sinister in seeing Litecoin focus on payments.

Litecoin (LTC) is an open source software, and a peer to peer digital currency that runs on blockchain technology. It tries to offer instant payments at reduced fees. As seen on their website, Litecoin has managed to develop a software for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android since its development.

In the recent past, we’ve witnessed the surging of Litecoin prices. In reality, on Feb 14, its coin went over 30% higher over the U.S dollar. Due to uncertainties in prices experienced by Bitcoins since December 2017, more people are considering Litecoin as an alternative. Here is what happened before the price rise.

It all started when Litecoin (LTC) made an announcement through their twitter handle, @LitePayInc. Since Bitpay refused to accept LTC, it promised to release the infrastructure on February 26. According to coinmarketcap, the coin ranks five among all cryptocurrencies. It is among the few cryptocurrency that had a good start of 2018.

According to Litecoin charts from coinbase, Litecoin moved from a falling trend to a sharp rise. Besides, it showed a higher RSI, also known as The Relative Strength Index. All these increase the chances of Litecoin rising further.

Have you been among people enquiring about the launch of Litepay? Unlike other versions, LitePay is a payment processor of its kind. Besides, Litecoin will facilitate instant payments worldwide. Initially, people paid a fee of $5 per transaction for Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash transactions. As opposed to this, LitePay will make express payments, at smaller prices. Litecoin has termed this as a game-changer for LTC.

Through Litepay cards, people will experience the enhanced Litecoin interoperability, the ability of a cryptocurrency to convert from one digital currency to the other. Also, Litepay will charge a flat fee of 1%. The good news for LitePay acceptors is that they will have no reason to worry about the volatile prices.

Leave alone LitePay. News about the upcoming Litecoin Cash is other reason behind the recent rise of Litecoin prices. According to coindesk, Litecoin Cash promises to give tokens. Through their official website (link), there will be new coins for old miners. In addition, Litecoin Cash promises to reward the community 10 LTC for every Litecoin Cash. This has been termed as 10:1 claim ratio. For those who still doubt about the credibility of the new coin, you can wait until its launch, and see how it will fair.

Despite the significant gap between Litecoin and Bitcoin, as at now, Litecoin (LTC) becomes the clear favorite. All these trends are an exact definition of a cryptocurrency with a bright future. It will be more than wise to invest in Litecoin.


Is ZClassic (ZCL) forking of BTC to form BTCP purposeful?

ZClassic (ZCL)

There has been a long lasting tussle between developers and miners in the cryptocurrency space.  With developers looking to enable more community freedom and allowing organic growth of this budding industry, miners, on the other hand, are seeking more incentives as the difficulty of mining increases and the Blockchain network gets congested by the day. This rise in conflicting interest has led to the rise in the number of forked cryptocurrencies. One particular fork that has sparked lots of interest from the community over the last few months is ZClassic (ZCL).

What is ZClassic?

With a spike of over 2,000 percent since December, this little-known cryptocurrency is not a total stranger especially for crypto enthusiasts familiar with ZCash. It’s a privacy-centric coin that was created as a fork of the ZCash Blockchain. It is touted as a provider of an enhanced level of privacy and security thanks to its use of cryptography.

ZClassic (ZCL) rides on the fact that it is capable of providing a level of anonymity that is unlike what other coins such as Bitcoin are capable of. Just like its parent Blockchain, ZCash, ZClassic takes advantage of a masking type technology to hide details of a transaction while maintaining transparency. Basically, all the details are recorded on the Blockchain where anyone can see it while explorers cannot see the identity of the users on either side of the transaction.

What was the purpose of the ZClassic Forking?

ZClassic was forked out of ZCash for a variety of reasons. Firstly, even though ZCash was initially built to solve the issue of privacy that Bitcoin has been dealing with since time immemorial, there still exist vulnerabilities and disagreeable elements to its protocol that prompted the creation of ZClassic.

According to ZClassic, One of the elements that make Zcash undesirable is the fact that 20 percent of the rewards go back to the founders for the first 4 years of mining. This means that miners are required to pay founders tax giving the foundation control over 10 percent of the entire cash supply. ZClassic claims to have no founder’s fee and has all the mining rewards directed back to the miners

In addition, ZCash comes with a slow start system that makes it difficult for miners to mine their first 20,000 blocks. As a result, this creates an artificially inflated price in the market. In contrast, ZClassic eliminates this feature that was introduced by ZCash.

Why is ZClassic’s (ZCL) price on the rise?

Just a few months ago, ZClassic (ZCL) was priced slightly over $1 with a market capitalization of about 3 million USD. Currently, its price has appreciated all the way to $169.33 with a whopping market cap of over half a billion USD.

Chart by Coinmarketcap.com

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Forking

Basically, ZCL has been getting the cryptocurrency market excited with insane levels of speculation. Perhaps the reason for the rise in the price of ZCL is the fact that the ZClassic team announcement of a fork on Bitcoin’s Blockchain that will see the creation of Bitcoin Private (BPL). For holders of ZClassic, this will be an easy way of getting access to a new cryptocurrency.


However, the fork with ZClassic on Bitcoin’s Blockchain to Bitcoin Private pans out, there is no denying that crypto enthusiasts are waiting with baited breaths on the market movement of ZClassic (ZCL). This cryptocurrency boasts of being the future of anonymity and financial freedom away from government surveillance by using the same trusted parameters that ZCash is known for. Whether its planned fork is going to be purposeful is unknown as investors wait to see if BTCP will be supported on major exchanges.

Po.et (POE): Reclaiming the Value of content publishers, creators, and consumers

Po.et (POE)

With over 40,000 creators and developers on its social media platform, Po.et (POE) is without a doubt one of the leading non-financial Blockchain startups with a focus on the creative industry. In fact, the company has just recently announced a new veteran CEO, Jarrod Dicker, with experience from the Washington post; Huffington Post and Time Inc. Dicker will now be able to deploy his expertise in advancing creation and development of tools for content creators on the Po.et platform.

For a startup that is eager to change global management of creative content, the addition of Dicker to the team is a plus since he is known for ushering into the digital age, a variety of traditional publishing companies. He has also enabled traditional publications to thrive in a digital age without solely depending on subscriptions and advertising. In a post by the company announcing the move, Dicker was quoted saying that Po.et (POE) is “constructing what this industry needs — a new environment where creators are paid for what they can do instead of what is required of them by an old and broken paradigm”

What is Po.et (POE)?

Well, to put it simply, Po.et is a Blockchain based startup that seeks to give creators a secure decentralized and immutable network for registering and managing their creative digital content. On the platform; creators, publishers, and curators can create time-stamped titles for their audio, visual and written work and create a verifiable record of digital creative assets. Poet is able to do this by acting as an open ubiquitous ledger system that records ownership of digital creative assets.

Fundamentally, Po.et is an extension of the Bitcoin Blockchain and improves upon the Proof of Existence protocol to create an open-source platform that easily verifies pieces of content. The relevance of POE (an Ethereum token) is revealed through its use as an accurate certification tool for the existence of content.

How does Po.et guarantee the credibility of content ownership?

First of all, to determine the usefulness, accuracy, and trustworthiness of digital creative assets, Po.et envisions the marketplace as a useful determinant of content credibility. By incentivizing users on the Po.et platform to create and curate content, publishers, content creators and curators will manage to license the rights to their creative assets without the need of a third party.

New developments in Po.et (POE)

Po.et recently announced a media partnership that will see this budding startup collaborate with Maven Media Network to further develop a platform for the freedom of creators. The partnership will see better access of Po.et to its users, industry professionals, and qualified creators. Po.et also launched Frost (a media solution for bloggers and content creators with a capacity for automatic content validation based on content format). The Frost Platform is set to give creators working guidelines, enabling task management that will empower creators to scale their designs.  


If the partnerships and new developments on Po.et’s platform are anything to go by, this budding social media coin is set to disrupt the content creation and publishing industry. In addition, Jarrod Dicker (the new Po.et CEO) is poised to take Po.et (POE) to the next level of creating a worldwide decentralized ledger for content creation. For these reasons, creators and publishers can celebrate as they stand to benefit the most with such a platform.